10 Top Budget Points

  1. Stamp duty exemption for transfer and loan agreement for first home valued up to RM500K.
    * Effective from 1 Jan 2021 – 31 Dec 2025; includes subsales.
  2. KL-Singapore HSR to continue due to positive multiplier effects.
    * Subject to further discussions with Singapore.
  3. RM50 mil to be allocated for maintenance and restoration works for all tourist facilities nationwide.
  4. Rent-to-Own Scheme for first home buyers to continue with selected banks up to 2022. This involves 5,000 PR1MA houses valued over RM1 bil.
  5. Stamp duty exemption for transfer and loan agreement for white knight contractors and original purchasers of
    abandoned housing to be extended for another 5 years.
    * Exemption applies only for Sale & Purchase Agreement dated from 1 Jan 2021 – 31 Dec 2025.
  6. RM20 mil allocation for improving the infrastructure and promoting Cultural Villages in Terengganu, Melaka, Sarawak and Negeri Sembilan.
  7. RM35 mil allocation to the Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council to enhance the competitiveness of the local health tourism industry.
  8. EPF to continue RM50 bil Kwasa development comprising commercial, residential (250,000 units), social infrastructure, innovation hub and medical facilities.
  9. RM50 mil allocation for reskilling / training program and job placement for 8,000 airline staff.
  10. Imposition of tourism tax on accommodation reserved through online platforms
    *Effective 1st July 2021
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