Using the 5D approach may save you a lot of headaches later

bangkok2As a foreigner, buying property in Bangkok can be like a big maze. It can however be an enjoyable experience if you can find a good and highly recommended real estate agent. Develop a good working relationship with him or her, then you can always count on your agent to call you once a suitable property becomes available.

Once you fly into Bangkok, use the 5D approach to choosing the right property for you.

1d Developers’ Credentials

Check the history and credentials of the developer who constructed your condominium. If you have time, visit some earlier projects from the same developer.

2d Day and Night

Visit the property in the daytime and at night to ensure that the environment you saw during the daytime does not change to an unsuitable one at night. Since Thai zoning laws are not strict, you may find some inappropriate elements in the area at night.

3d Due Diligence

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