jungle2Tucked within the enclave of a lush tropical forest, this unique residential unit boasts a concrete egg crate-like facade which safeguards its interior from the tropical heat and rain.

Text by Isabelle Pinto

Photography by WHBC Architects

Behind the condominiums and private houses of Damansara Heights in Kuala Lumpur, seated on a sloping terrain and enclaved within the lush tropical rainforest is a rather quaint-looking dwelling. Surrounded by a concrete egg-crate structure, the residential unit does not boast much aesthetic value; however, its design serves a more utilitarian purpose, safeguarding the house’s interior from the harsh heat and rain of Malaysia’s tropical weather.

Designed by Malaysia-based architectural studio WHBC Architects, the residence is a 7,500 sq ft unit and is currently home to a family of five- a husband and wife, two boys and their grandmother. It has proudly been named “Tropical Box” due to its box-like facade which is engulfed within tropical greenery.

The egg-crate structure that envelopes the house is made out of in-situ concrete of 900mm depth. Forming a double facade around two sides of the house, it acts as a sun-filtering device, naturally allowing daylight to filter through while resisting radiation. This effectively keeps the scorching heat out while drawing sufficient daylight in to create comfortable spaces. Concrete fins of 150mm thickness reinforce the structure by framing openings of various sizes at a controlled rhythm. This further facilitates the regulation of light intensity inside.

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