Asian Property Review Chief Editor Jan Yong checks into Taipei’s top hotel and emerges delighted by the five-star experience.

Grand Executive Suite bedroom with Taipei 101 view

The VIP treatment courtesy of Grand Hyatt Taipei started the moment I stepped out of the Arrival Hall of Taoyuan International Airport in Taipei. A well- dressed man with impeccable manners escorted me into a limousine for a very smooth 45-minute drive to the hotel.

I was given the Grand Executive Corner Suite with View – it has two views – one with the incomparable view of Taipei 101, still the tallest green building in the world – and the other, the view of the City Hall from the bedroom. I was told during every New Year’s Eve, the suites with views get fully booked up because these afford guests the luxury of watching both the fireworks at Taipei 101 and the concert in front of the City Hall – all from the comfort of the suite.

I was pleasantly surprised to find a bottle of wine waiting for me at the table as well as some local Taiwanese snacks such as pineapple tarts and dried fruits. The snacks are replenished on a daily basis and are indispensable if you have a habit of watching TV seated on the very plush and cosy sofa or from your bed.

The bed itself was exquisite – it reminds you once again how much better it is to stay in a five-star hotel than in any other types of accommodation. The soft and plush pillows and mattress are specially designed to make you fall asleep – I found that it was quite impossible to watch TV from the bed because of the tendency to fall asleep while in the caresses of the bed.

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