pop3A French design studio has come up with a rather revolutionary home building system whereby an entire house can be assembled in a much shorter time compared to conventional methods, all with the help of just a screwdriver.

Words by Isabelle Pinto

Photography by PopUp House

All of us are familiar with Lego, the well-beloved children’s toy set which is popular amongst little boys and girls alike. I’m sure most of us used to enjoy playing with Lego blocks during part of our childhood. Those colourful, brick-like plastic units could be joined together to create anything we wanted, from miniature robots and vehicles to tiny buildings of all shapes and sizes.

With Lego, not just a building but a whole city (a miniature one, of course) could be easily constructed by an older child or an adult due to its simple assembly method – blocks are easily joined together due to their complementary shapes. But what if I told you that there is currently a life-sized housing unit that can be constructed almost as easily as Lego!

pop1Check out the new Pop-up House concept – a custom home-building system that enables a house to be assembled rapidly and easily, akin to joining Lego blocks. Unlike conventional houses, a PopUp House can be put together by using just human hands. There is no need for heavy machinery. All the builder needs is a screwdriver in hand and they’re good to go.

Conceived by a French design office – also named PopUp House after the building concept – this innovative system mainly uses three materials: treated lumber, insulation blocks and laminated wood. The materials are all held together by only wood screws, thus requiring the need of just a screwdriver to assemble an entire house.

Popping up a house

pop2With the PopUp House concept, construction is made faster and easier not only because of the simple assembly method acquired but also due to the use of light materials which provide for easy handling. Conventional homes are known to take at least 6 months to complete but by using the PopUp House concept, houses can be built in a much shorter time.

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