As an eco resort, The Haven Resort Ipoh is as pristine as it gets, surrounded by 280-million year old hills and jungle, while embracing the best in sustainable practices.

Text by Jan Yong

Waking up to the serene surroundings of a 280 million-year old jungle is not something that you can experience just anywhere. It’s a unique feeling that you want to preserve in your memory for a long time – knowing that you have touched nature at its most ancient and sacred. You have breathed in air that is so fresh from the pristine area that even your lungs feel like it has been thoroughly cleansed and detoxed.

This sanctuary of respite, The Haven, is set at the edge of a virgin forest amidst the fauna and flora of a prehistoric site in the Paleozoic period. It is home to hundreds of natural, beautiful and unique plants and wild life including the world’s fastest eagle, the Peregrine Falcon and the world’s smallest eagle, the black-thighed Falconet.

Staying here is akin to being in the middle of a jungle yet having access to all the conveniences of a modern condominium.

From the balcony of my suite, I could survey the entire picturesque development including a natural lake, a 280-million year old limestone outcrop rising up to 14 storeys high, and a swimming pool with a patented design of a seahorse complete with Jacuzzi seats.

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