Ames Hotel aims for the sky

A hidden gem with a touch of class, Ames Hotel Melaka stands out in many ways.

Text by Jan Yong
Photography by Jan Yong
and courtesy of Ames Hotel Melaka

At first sight, Ames Hotel Melaka gives the impression of another modern luxury hotel in the same likeness as those American branded hotel chains which are essentially alike everywhere in the world. I didn’t set my expectations too high but was hoping to be pleasantly surprised if it stands out from the rest.

And happily for me (and the hotel), there are several aspects that make the boutique business hotel one-of-a-kind. In no particular order of ranking, the sleek rooftop Moonbar is the kind of dining and hangout place you would want to return over and over again.

Next, the service standard reminds you of a five-star international resort at a top holiday destination. Impeccable.

The room itself, which exudes a luxurious feel makes you want to stay in longer. I especially like the glass window that looks out from the bathroom to the bedroom. It gives the room a sense of spaciousness and completely transforms the ambiance into one of elegant luxury.

A nice touch is the custom-made wingback swivel lounge chair; once settled in on the chair, you would be hard put to get up. Your senses will easily shift to a relaxed mood especially with a comfortable bed beckoning you in the background.

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