Danger from Northeast?

fengshui2The 2016 hexagram for Malaysia is IOO.IOO – “Zhen”, the Arousing (Shock, Thunder). It is the 51st hexagram in the King Wen sequence, with a binary value of 36. The top and bottom trigrams are identical – “Zhen”, Thunder. It indicates a loud noise, excitation, division and revolution.

This hexagram may be “peeled” to reveal its hidden meaning. In this case, it yields OOI.OIO – “Chien”, Obstruction. The hexagram comprises OOI (Mountain) below and OIO (Water) above. This indicates danger involving water and the northeast.

If you see danger and know when to stop, you are wise. The southwest will benefit when it is righteous; but the northeast will not gain because the road is a dead end. When changes occur, one must always be in the right place-otherwise, it will not be beneficial. This is how the leader can put the country or company on the right course, but to do so requires drastic sacrifices.

The northeast sector in Malaysia is Sabah, and danger with water indicates that there will be a rise in problems from the Philippines, such as piracy, hijackings and kidnappings. Despite the presence of Eastern Sabah Security Command (ESSCOM), there will likely be more criminal incursions from the Philippines.

Trouble from the northeast can also refer to the state of Sabah making more demands from the federal government. It will likely demand for more oil royalty payments, cabinet positions and autonomy. To remain in power, the ruling coalition may have to yield to these demands – although some concessions have been given in 2015. There will be big losses, great difficulty and danger ahead.

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Master KohMaster Koh, who has 45 years of experience in feng shui, is most famous for coining the word “Environology” to better reflect the scientific approach of this ancient practice. He has contributed to numerous newspapers and radio; and is a visiting lecturer of several universities in China and Malaysia.
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