PrintDespite personal setbacks, the multitalented Choo Mei Sze is slowly but surely building a personal property empire.

An entrepreneur, emcee, TV host and a cancer awareness advocate—Choo Mei Sze can do it all. At only 29, the Psychology graduate from University of Hawaii in Manoa is already a successful owner of a social media company called Personedge and an active property investor. Choo, who is currently completing her PHD, is also a cancer survivor who actively speaks on the topic with the hope of inspiring cancer patients all around the world.

During her six-year stint in the US, Choo realised that all of the researches done only remained within the field and were only accessible to academicians—the information doesn’t reach the public as she intended it to. The youthful visionary returned to Malaysia with a mission: to change the landscape of psychology by educating the masses through the media.

“When I came back, I knew I wanted to get into the industry; I just didn’t know how. But I got really lucky because I met some people along the way who presented me with the opportunity,” shares Choo.

Her big break came when she was selected as the emcee for Proton during the Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show. Ever since then, the brainy beauty has been the favourite of corporate companies such as Siemens, Libra, Samsung and BMW. Her undeniable talent started turning heads, and before long, she was hired for a Tech Travel Log called Nova for a local channel and the voice of Lisa on Astro Tutor TV.

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