Words by Isabelle Pinto | Photography by various

Intelligent and sustainable, this award-winning office building in Amsterdam revolutionizes the way people work – just by connecting your smartphone to the office via an app.

p78cEver imagined driving to your office on a regular morning and on reaching the parking basement, the building immediately recognises your car number plate and grants you access. And as you enter, you are directly shown to an empty parking spot- no hassle at all in finding one on your own!

Upon walking into the building, you are immediately directed to the appropriate working space for your task. If your plan is to answer e-mails for an hour, you’ll be shown to a desk; or if you want to make some phone calls, you’ll be directed to a quiet room where there is maybe just a lounge chair and a lamp-perfect for the task at hand.

When you enter your allocated work space, the temperature and lighting have already been adjusted to just the way you like it. In the middle of working, you get a little drowsy and decide to get a strong cup of black coffee, no sugar. You go to the coffee machine and it already knows your coffee preference, making you the perfect cup.

All these may seem like just a glimpse into the future, isn’t it? You can’t be more wrong! They are all happening right now at Deloitte’s Headquarters in Amsterdam!

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