Malaysia’s first locally-produced lime plaster decorative paint, Kansai’s Ales Shiquy improves indoor air quality.

Paint that can improve air quality of indoor spaces – that’s the ideal paint and surprise, the critical ingredient, ‘Shikkui’ has been used by Japanese professional plaster painters in castles and warehouses since 1,300 years ago, says President and CEO of Kansai Paint Co., Ltd, Hiroshi Ishino. Kansai chief was in Kuala Lumpur recently for the launch of the new eco- friendly, air-purifying paint called ‘ALES SHIQUY’.

A water-based decorative emulsion paint,‘ALES SHIQUY’ is Malaysia’s first locally-manufactured lime plaster paint that improves air quality of indoor spaces. It works by trapping and deactivating the ingress of harmful bacteria as they come into contact with surfaces painted with the new paint featuring the unique ‘Shikkui’ properties. ‘Shikkui’ is a traditional Japanese natural material commonly known as ‘slaked lime’ that has excellent anti-viral and anti-bacterial, humidity control and deodorisation functions.

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