Bhutan, declared the most eco-friendly country on Earth, has lessons for the rest of the world.

A rare gem in the world, the tiny Kingdom of Bhutan manages to maintain a pristine environment amidst environment degradation in many other parts of the world. Could it be because of its priority on the collective happiness of its people measured by Gross National Happiness which emphasises on economic self-reliance, environmental conservation, cultural preservation, and good governance?

It’s the only country in the world that has this concept while the rest of the world chases after economic prosperity often at the expense of the environment. As a result of this unique policy, Bhutan has negative carbon emissions, which makes it one of the greenest countries on Earth.

The isolated landlocked country emits about 1.5 million tons of carbon annually, while its forests absorb over 6 million tonnes, according to reports. More than half of Bhutan’s land (over 5 million acres) is protected as national parks and everyone who lives in Bhutan is obliged under the constitution to help protect the environment. This includes providing a “low-impact, high-value approach” to tourism.

Nestled among the Himalayan mountain ranges, Bhutan offers an incredible array of eco activities due to its virgin forests that house unique flora and fauna. From rare mammals roaming natural sanctuaries, secluded monasteries tucked among rocky cliffs to spectacular mountain sceneries, Bhutan has it all for the ecotourists.

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