BlueDuck to the rescue!

Solving cash flow issues in home rentals by using tech solutions is where BlueDuck excels, starting with its Zero Deposit rental schemes.

Ernest Wong, BlueDuck’s

Founder and CEO

Malaysia’s prolonged lockdown in its various iterations has resulted in an alarming rise in unemployment and a cash flow crunch for many. In some cases, this has resulted in potential tenants being unable to come up with the 2-month advanced rental deposit and utilities deposit which is standard practice in Malaysia.

Realizing the gap left by this unfortunate circumstance, Malaysian fintech company BlueDuck has further refined its Zero Deposit offering to both landlords and tenants to better suit the current rental conundrum in Malaysia. BlueDuck’s Zero Deposit allows tenants to move in by merely paying the rental amount for the month, foregoing the usual two-month deposit and utilities deposit.

The inspiration behind BlueDuck and its Zero Deposit offering comes from its founder and CEO, Earnest Wong’s own humbling experience. Close to a decade ago, he attempted to rent a unit which he had found at a reasonable rate, only to find out there was an additional requirement of deposits before he could move in.

So, Earnest made it his mission to provide a solution that helps both landlords and tenants reap the benefits of technological advancements.

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