Bold and Beautiful in Spain amidst COVID-19

Courtyard before a flamenco performance

Photography courtesy of La Esperanza GranadaStory by Christine Cunanan

The idea to purchase a property in Spain came out of the blue, just as I was finishing my second glass of plum wine onboard a Japan Airlines flight about to land at Narita Airport in 20 minutes. This was at the height of the pandemic in June 2020, when the virus was ravaging much of Europe and there was no vaccine in sight. Many businesses were in despair, but those who have seen cycles and crises come and go understand that this painful moment for the world also offered buying opportunities for the brave and the foolhardy.

As soon as I reached my home in Tokyo, even before unpacking my bags, I went online, googled “properties for sale in Spain” and made a shortlist of the estates I fancied. I was looking for a fire sale, of course, and I wanted either a beautiful country house or a unique hotel. Luckily, I found a property in the pristine Lecrin Valley in Southern Spain, just 30 minutes from Granada and 90 minutes from Malaga, that easily met these two criteria.

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