p72cInspired by nature, this architectural collaboration between French and Japanese architects conceives a mixed development surrounded by trees; not just a dozen of them, but a thousand!

Words by Isabelle Pinto | Photography by Sou Fujimoto Architecs + Manal Rachdi Oxo

Architectes + Compagnie de Phalsbourg + Ogic + Morph

There is a poem by the infamous 20th-century Irish poet, William Butler Yeats about having a cabin on a lake island called Innisfree. In his poem, he speaks of his dream to retreat to the island and live amongst nature where he could find some peace and tranquillity. I’m sure many nature lovers out there from time to time have a similar longing to live in a natural haven, especially if your home is in a typical city where nature and greenery are scarce. However, the prospect of having a cabin in a secluded natural environment can be rather daunting considering the fact that you’ll be away from civilisation and the rest of the world. Also, you would need to be diligent enough to grow your own crops and rear your own animals to sustain a living.

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 12.27.48 PMBut not to worry, architects and developers nowadays are becoming increasingly aware of the need to incorporate more natural elements such as plants and trees into the building design. And so, it is now more common in many cities to see developments such as condominiums and apartments with lush green landscaping and garden terraces that lets you experience nature in your own dwelling. A French and a Japanese architectural studio, however, have decided to take this concept to a whole new level by bringing a whole forest to the city!

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