Swhengtee’s 2nd Annual Property Investment Expo to be held in June is the perfect showcase – perfect venue, timing and attendees.


The Chinese are coming after all! Despite reports to the contrary, Chinese Mainlanders’ appetite for overseas property is still as strong as ever. This is reflected by the expected hundreds of investors from China descending in Malaysia in June to participate in Swhengtee’s 2nd Annual Property Investment Expo.

There will be booths by Chinese developers catering to both Chinese and local investors, as well as specially-designed programmes for Chinese Mainlanders working or residing (under Malaysia My 2nd Home programme) in Malaysia.

This expo is unlike any other in Malaysia as it will bring delegates from 2 Chinese cities to Malaysia to showcase their products including financing opportunities. At the same time, Malaysian developers can get maximum exposure to Chinese interested buyers. This is in line with the One Belt, One Road initiative that seeks to deepen trade ties and relations between China and cities along the ancient Silk Road.

The two-way cross-border purchase opportunities also serve as a networking event, business matching and real estate exchange platform for all those attending. With his many contacts in China, Dato’ Sri Gavin Tee, President of Swhengtee International Group, the organiser of the event, is able to set up the Malaysia-Xiamen Chamber of Commerce which will be officially launched during the expo. Hundreds of investors from Xiamen and other Chinese cities are anticipated to attend the launch as well as other related functions during the expo.

For interested domestic investors, they will be able to find out how to invest in China which had last year relaxed its rules for foreign property buyers.


As June 24 – 25 are public holidays (Hari Raya), throngs of outstation folks will be descending into Kuala Lumpur to experience the big city life. Most will be visiting shopping malls; Mid Valley City mall is at its busiest during this time. This is therefore the perfect time to pull in the outstation crowd – a source of under-tapped market especially those from Johor, Penang and East Malaysia. The timing couldn’t be better and Swhengtee will be making extra efforts to promote the expo to the outstation crowd.

During Swhengtee’s 1st Annual Property Investment Expo in 2016, over 20,000 visitors were recorded which was deemed a success amid the rather long drawn-out market slowdown.


One-stop venue for Young Home Buyers

The expo will kick off with the Young Home Buyers’ initiative which will be packed with forums and seminars on how young people can invest in property. There will be a line-up of some of the most popular speakers in town who will give advice and tips on buying affordable and medium cost housing.

The expo will also hold a lot of activity-based programmes for young people including a reality TV show, “Anyone can a property millionaire”.


2017 is the year property technology (‘proptech’) will start becoming mainstream. To showcase some of these new technologies, there will be a special corner to exhibit these gamechanging developments in the real estate industry.

Over 10 home-grown proptech companies will present the future of real estate. “In future, there might be no showroom and the parties need not even be personally present to sign contracts; plus there wouldn’t even be a need for human help to list their properties. Buyers can even inspect the property without the presence of developers,” Gavin lists some examples, adding, “Proptech will certainly change all investing behaviour and marketing/ project presentations.

So as not to be left out of the latest trends, local developers should have some presence during the expo, especially those who want to brand themselves – this is the best opportunity as the expo is anticipated to attract thousands.

For those who want to tap the overseas and outstation markets and/or have medium cost projects to offer, this expo is the perfect showcase – perfect venue, timing and attendees.

Swhengtee’s 2nd Annual Property Investment Expo 2017 is co-organised by ASEAN-CHINA Economic & Trade Promotion Association, Malaysia (ACETP), and Real Estate Malaysia (REM) and Asian Property Review (APR) magazines.

Note: A lot of space will be taken up

for activity-based programmes, so booth space is very limited. Please contact

Eric Lee at 017-5432226 so as not to be disappointed.

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