Carlo Ratti Associati reimagines the modular structure of a 19th century military complex in Italy to create an urban lab for co-living, co-making and co-working.

Buildings have traditionally been built with a purpose in mind and structured as such. In Carlo Ratti Associati’s latest experiment, a 19th century army barracks is renovated in such a way that it allows the space to evolve organically. In other words, future occupants through a continuous process of renewal, improvement, and adaptation will be instrumental to shape and reshape the internal configurations.

In the words of Carlo Ratti, professor at MIT in Boston and founding partner of Carlo Ratti Associati: “This project does not dictate how people should use the space – rather it allows the space to evolve organically, through a continuous process of renewal, improvement, and adaptation of individual spaces.”

“To borrow Dutch theorist John Habraken’s metaphor, our design provides the structure and the technical foundation, but the actual infill will be up to the inhabitants. We believe that such a hybrid approach is crucial to achieve a true user-driven, open-source approach to the built environment.”

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