PrintExperts’ take on applying elder-friendly technologies and features to property.

Words by Mira Soyza

Despite the growing need for aged care, retirement villages and aged-friendly community, the action taken to meet these demands has been moving at a snail pace. We asked several design experts for their opinion.

Chris YapAr. Chris Yap, President, Malaysian Institute of Interior Designers (MIID)

APR: In your opinion, how important is it for developers in Asia to cater some of the features of their developments to the elderly?

It is important for developers to build homes with designs and technology to assist the elderly as it is an Asian culture that has to be encouraged and nurtured further as society progresses. This will ensure that the young will always hold family values close to them.

Japan is a well-developed country steeped with traditions and family values as well as respect for the elderly. Coupled with advance technological knowhow and facilities, Japan is easily in the lead in aged care provision in Asia. Plus, it will enhance the marketability of a property development in positive ways.

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