Farming startup Cultiveat is helping to solve the world’s problems on many levels – foremost of which is providing nutritious and affordable food by revolutionising farms and farming methods.

If you can buy organic vegetables at the same price as vegetables from the wet market, would you do so? The answer is obvious and Malaysian startup, Cultiveat is planning to make it possible.

How? By using a modern farm that can increase the harvest 4 to 5 times more than conventional farms – and at half the cost.

The farm which started operations early 2019 has been making money since day one and demand is exceeding supply as word gets out about how delicious, lush and healthy the vegetables are. Despite its organic vegetable pricing now, Co-founder and CEO, John-Hans Oei, 30, reckons that as the number of farms and farmers increases, the price will drop in the long run.

After all, the company’s mission is to supply affordable and accessible vegetables for everyone.

Currently, most of its vegetables are sold in Singapore hence the good pricing. As Oei says, when people realise how lucrative selling such vegetables can be, they will be drawn to it. And contrary to traditional farming, the Cultiveat farm is incredibly clean, efficient and takes up little space.

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