Be prepared to be thoroughly thrilled and mesmerized with this revolutionary hotel concept that allows guests to explore and navigate through exciting terrains – all in the comfort of their hotel room!

Text by Isabelle Pinto | Photography by HOK

Imagine being able to fly to exciting, far-flung holiday destinations such as terraced mountains and exotic islands without even having to leave your hotel room. This is exactly what architecture firm HOK is offering through the designs of Driftscape – an innovative hotel concept that is bound to take the hospitality industry by storm if and when it materialises in the near future.

And it is all thanks to drones – vessels that can fly without a pilot on board. For Driftscape, drones are used to power “flying hotel pods”, allowing them to touch down in diverse locations unattainable to traditional hotels – all whilst being remotely monitored and operated from a base unit on the ground. Guests can therefore just sit back and relax whilst literally travelling in their own hotel room!

What’s more, the human-scale drone pod doesn’t only travel by air but is amphibious as well, with the ability to go on voyages by land and sea. With Driftscape, guests are able to “roam the plains of the Serengeti, hover over the Grand Canyon, or drift through the Pearl Waterfall in China,” say designers Ian Rolston and Randa Tukan.

The futuristic drone hotel would allow guests to enjoy 360-degree views of breathtaking sceneries from a very unique vantage point.

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