Frangipani “The Other ‘Legend’ of Langkawi”

Text by Jan Yong
Photography by Jan Yong/ Courtesy of Cottage by the Sea
by Frangipani

In an island full of legends, Cottage by the Sea by Frangipani will go down in history as a legendary resort in Langkawi due to its many superlative sustainable practices.

It’s easy to find Cottage by the Sea by Frangipani – “Frangipani” is written in all the street signs leading to the resort.
Upon arrival, you will be greeted by a luxurious ambiance and refreshing sea breeze. The chilled vibe belies the amazing behind-the-scene resourcefulness that makes this resort a stand-out in green and sustainable initiatives.

In this pandemic era, the resort blazes a trail in being very self-sustaining. It has been ahead of its time even years before the pandemic started thanks to the vision of its owner, Adj Prof Anthony Wong Kim Hooi who bought over the sea-fronting resort in 2005.

As an academic cum businessman (and a global adventurer formerly), Wong, the Group MD of Cottage by the Sea by
Frangipani, practises what he preaches.

Almost every aspect of the resort’s operation (about 200 practices) has some green ‘flavour’ to it. Wong has an unwavering belief in conserving energy as much as possible and in reducing carbon footprint, and has in a sense made this resort a ‘testing ground’ for implementing every conceivable green practice that’s doable and low cost.

200 Green Practices

An example is using their own organic plants to prepare organic drinks and vegetable dishes such as mulberry, butterfly pea, moringa, Sabah snakegrass and noni.

The other initiative is the salt swimming pool – its chlorine content is a mere 0.5%, enabling its pH to be within the same range as our tears’ pH, thus not irritating our eyes.

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