Corporate tenants are sought after by landlords everywhere; in Bangkok, more than many other cities, it is not difficult to get them due to the city’s status as regional headquarters for many local and foreign companies.

Photography by Jan Yong

Bangkok is without doubt the urban and economic center of Thailand. The international city is an important economic pillar of Southeast Asia and it is home to the headquarters of hundreds of national and international companies. This makes Bangkok an attractive expatriate hub, as the city offers attractive business and career opportunities.

The capital is an incredibly cosmopolitan destination, with nationalities from all over the world such as the Japanese, French, Americans, Singaporeans, et cetera, converging in this megacity to partake of its myriad opportunities. According to CBRE, the number of expatriates with Work Permits in Bangkok increased to 83,000 in Q1 of 2016. Of this impressive number, it is likely that hundreds are benefitting from some form of “housing allowance” from their respective employers. This represents a lucrative opportunity for Bangkok landlords, as this “housing allowance” can be substantial with budgets such as 150,000+ THB Per Month not unheard of for corporate tenants!

So what are the biggest benefits of having a Corporate Tenant?


When providing “housing allowance”, companies tend to provide fixed budgets to their employees. This means that Corporate Tenants are usually not concerned with the general price of the Property; they are even prepared to pay rental rates above the market price.

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