Glam Pods Luxurious off-grid camping

Envisioned to be sustainable and tough, Glam Pods is one of the first tents conceptualised to utilise 3D printing for mass production.

There are many glamping tents around the world but what makes Glam Pods different is its sheer floor size of 300 sq ft and its 3D printing mode for mass production. Still a concept design, the creator, WATG through its interior design associate, Wimberly Interiors, is in talks with potential clients in China and the Middle East to mass produce them.

The concept is simple – immersing yourself fully in nature in the comfort of a luxurious yet sustainable glamping pod, the best of both worlds, so to speak, explains Hussain Kamal, Creative Director at Wimberly Interiors Los Angeles.

Glam Pods are suitable as a guesthouse at the backyard of a residential house as well as an off-grid house at ultra remote locations.

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