Splashing, rolling and rocking into the next few years are more theme parks globally, spurred by rising leisure spending and international tourism.

Theme parks are making a big splash in the industry of late – in 2017, historic levels of growth in the global theme park industry was recorded, according to the latest Theme Index and Museum Index report. Theme parks are increasingly becoming a symbol and showcase for regional pride, culture, and technological achievement.

The global market for theme parks is expected to reach USD44.3 billion by 2020, driven by recovery in leisure spending, rise in international tourism and growth of the middle class population in emerging countries.

As a result, the world is seeing an increasing number of theme parks and arts installations – these include amusement parks, theaters, water parks, virtual and interactive games parks – basically any man-made attractions designed to entertain. It is the business of fun and story-telling, and it’s gaining so much popularity that more developers are incorporating it into their mixed developments.

They are being designed into regional and specialty shopping complexes, mixed-use waterfront developments, and even some multi-use office buildings.

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