Asian Property Review talks to Samsung C&T ‘s Executive Vice President/ GM Tommy Jeong about the challenges of running a theme park especially in South Korea where theme parks abound.

APR:  What are the top 10 challenges facing Everland and theme parks everywhere in general?

TJ:  Safety is the most important part of theme park operations. In order for guests to have a good time when visiting parks, the safety must be guaranteed. Therefore, Everland considers safety as a top priority when it comes to park operations.

Second, the quick response to guest service needs. Guest needs are frequently changing in recent years. Nowadays, guests wish to have more hands-on experience rather than just riding attractions and viewing animals. Therefore, in attractions, entertainment and other areas, Everland created and added various hands-on experience opportunities. Also, we utilize Samsung Electronics’ IT technologies such as VR and AR for state of the art experience. We also provide various services using Everland mobile application.

Third, guest return visits matters the most when it comes to operating regional parks. Therefore, parks must update contents to provide familiar and new experiences at the same time. At Everland, we try to create different seasonal contents by having rose and tulip flower festivals in spring, water festivals to cool down the heat in summer, Halloween festival in fall, and Christmas light festival in winter.

Fourth, outdoor theme parks are seasonal business. Therefore, the biggest challenge is providing stable service quality while achieving operational efficiency during all seasons.

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