How To Sell to the Chinese?

Property investor and developer, Jerome Tan, reveals his marketing strategy for selling Australian property to Chinese Mainlanders.

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – MARCH 21, 2015: People walking by the Chinatown entrance arches on Little Bourke Street.

With prices trending southwards and some anti-Chinese sentiments as well as additional taxes on foreign buyers of Australian property, one would have thought the Chinese buying spree of the last few years would trickle down to a few transactions. Not quite, according to Singaporean Jerome Tan. A seasoned investor who claims to own 100 properties in 8 countries, Tan is still very enthusiastic about the potential in Australia.

But his choice is not the usual Sydney or Melbourne much sought after prized assets. He picks on little known locations that have the potential to boom due to infrastructural upgrades. Take for example, the small town of Geraldton, about 424 kilometres north of Western Australia’s capital, Perth and one hour’s flight away.

Situated right on the coast, Geraldton is the central hub of the Midwest region and is very popular with nature lovers due to its stunning Abrolhos Islands, iconic Pink Lake, rugged Kalbarri Gorges and Wildflower Country.

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