Trained in the complex field of corporate finance, it is no surprise that Poo eventually saw investment opportunity in the property segment. “It was my first time purchasing a property. So I made sure to do some research on upcoming developments in a few prime locations and then discussed the matter with my parents before making a decision—my father particularly, since he was quite familiar with property prices and rentals.”

Eventually she decided to purchase a property in KL Sentral, Kuala Lumpur—a well-planned mixed development in a prime location near the city centre on top of being a transportation hub. “I foresaw that commercial properties would attract large corporations to set up offices there which means it will also attract expatriates.”

The first property was intended as an investment as well as for her own stay. Her investment strategy was simple— invest for the medium term and sell it when the property is fully developed.

Poo describes the experience of making her first investment as an exciting one: “It is like a slow motion but exciting adventure, knowing that the property market was poised to grow at a rapid rate. It took courage to take the first step but once you’ve crossed that line, it’s easier to make the next one.”

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