Master Sandy Paw, a Feng Shui consultant for a number of companies in the region is cautiously optimistic about the outlook.

2017 will be a challenging year that reminds one of the economic turmoil 10 years ago, says Feng Shui consultant, Master Sandy Paw. She attributes the bad times to the “unexpected change of the magnetic field on earth in 2014” which she claims caused a noticeable decline in the global economy in 2015 and 2016. “The global economy in 2017 will be disastrous,” Paw declares.

Nevertheless, the founder of China International Feng Shui Institute and Arco Interior Design Sdn Bhd says she remains cautiously optimistic on Asia.

“2017 is “Ding You” year. Ding means fire, You means gold; gold represents the economy, finance, banking and Western countries; whereas fire represents war.

“The weakness of gold is fire; fire will burn out the money leading to bankruptcy, so in this case, fire and gold should not be combined,” she says.

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