PrintA condo’s brand (the developer) is one of the 3 main factors which will determine whether you make a profit in the complex Bangkok market

Bangkok is without a doubt a sprawling metropolis; while this may come across as a rather dull and obvious statement, it is only once you dig deeper into the subject that you realize that the City is complex and full of intricacies.

Firstly, Thailand’s capital city is a complicated patchwork of neighbourhoods. Straightforward concepts such as the exact areas forming the “CBD” (Central Business District) and “Bangkok City Center”, are ironically the subject of much debate amongst property professionals. Different neighbourhoods offer a different appeal and as a result different levels of return. On top of this, urban regeneration, city planning and infrastructure projects will affect some areas of Bangkok more positively than others. To make matters even more complex, some condominium projects underperform (in terms of Rental Yields offered and Capital Appreciation) and very often, two condos sitting side-by-side can have varying returns on investment.

So how does an individual investor make sense of this?

Very simply, by focusing on the essentials which are as follows:


“Location, location, location”, is probably the oldest adage in Property Investment and requires very little elaboration. In Bangkok, individual investors best stick to properties close to the established BTS or MRT Lines. While there is currently some hype around the “future/new transport links” being developed or in planning, these areas have not established their investment track record and investors should generally be cautious.

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pierrePierre Leung is the Sales Manager of Fresh Property, a boutique property agency that specialises in sales and rental of residential property in the Sukhumvit area of Bangkok.
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