Online fundraising for real estate gains foothold

A private equity development project listed on Fraxtor’s digital platform was fully subscribed within 90 minutes, proof that digital fundraising for property projects is gaining a foothold during this Covid era.

Against the backdrop of economic uncertainty as many countries see resurgent coronavirus infection waves, Fraxtor Private Limited (“Fraxtor”),’s latest project was oversubscribed within 90 minutes after its listing on the platform on 31st May 2021. The funds raised are intended for a property development located in Goldhill Estate in Singapore.

“Fraxtor’s digital platform, powered by blockchain technology and brick-and-mortar real estate expertise, provides Accredited Investors (AI) assurance with quality real estate investments,” says Oliver Siah, Co-founder and CEO of Fraxtor.

Accredited Investors subscribed to Frax online from the comfort and safety of their own homes. Frax comprises digitised tokens representing shares that investors own by investing. Since end 2020, Fraxtor, described as an online real estate co-investment platform, has successfully raised more than S$17 million.

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