We pick the brains of 3 different experts on how to approach resort developments in order to make a profit. They are:

Bill Barnett (BB) – Managing Director of C9 Hotelworks

Miles Fenley (MF) – Director of Montpelier Estates (Asia Pacific)

Sr Low Han Hoe (LHH) – Senior Manager (Investment & Agency) at Nawawi Tie Leung Real Estate Consultants Sdn Bhd

Text & Photography by Jan Yong

1. What are the most important criteria to build a profitable resort?

BB: Understanding both the existing hotel marketplace including details such as historical operating data such as occupancy, actual average rates and profit levels, and developing a forward look of the marketplace. Feasibility is the first stepping stone, followed by logical steps of deeply looking at the market and what opportunities exist for a sustainable new project coming onstream.

MF: Choice of destination (year round), access, masterplan/business plan, design, availability of land, building permits, qualified personnel, resources, excellent management, right product to the right market, capital, funding, infrastructure, common sense, and local knowledge.

LHH: Getting the Master Plan done based on solid market lead research and the Target Market identified correctly.

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