Often low profile, the project manager is the unsung hero of any successful large project. Without them, the project may not be able to complete at all. Asian Property Review chats with Rick Hancock, Director (Southeast Asia) of Faithful+Gould, a management consultant for the property industry.

Describe some of your experiences in leading projects.

a. Singapore Grand Prix

Faithful+Gould is the Engineering Project Manager for race promoter Singapore GP and this year is our 10th year of involvement. If you were to look at the actual street circuit carefully (Singapore Grand Prix), the project is very similar to a large-scale construction but built in a very short time frame with no possible extension of time. Our team manages multiple contract packages, from the street lightings to the barriers, the fencing, and the grandstands – anything you won’t normally see when you walk around the streets of Singapore has to be physically designed, procured, managed and built on that street circuit. This includes the racing circuit and supporting infrastructure such as the lighting system, grandstands, corporate facilities, marquee structures, temporary buildings furniture and fit out, pedestrian bridges, spectator and security fencing, communications, electrical and plumbing works.

For me, the most impressive thing about the Singapore Grand Prix is the fast track nature of the project – the intensity, especially leading into the last four weeks to the project, as well as the diversity of the team we have, and how well they work together. While the event may appear the same each year for many people, it is not the case. From a delivery perspective, a lot of changes take place behind-the-scenes every year because our client, race organiser Singapore GP, puts a heavy focus on continual improvement to make the spectator experience better the following year. The most rewarding part in leading this project is seeing it all come together to an end date that can never change.

b. Port City Colombo, Sri Lanka

The scale of what we are doing in Colombo leaves me in awe whenever I visit the site. This project is an extension through seabed reclamation of approximately 220 ha that is connected to the Fort district and CBD area in central Colombo and is in close proximity to the industrial harbour. We are essentially extending the centre of a capital city, and upon completion, it will consist of more than 4.5 mil m² of gross developable area including residential, commercial, marina, retail, theme park, education, hotels, convention centre, leisure, cultural, public areas and beaches.

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