Reimaging The New Workstyle

Coworking is set to experience exponential growth across Asia as demand spikes from startups, corporates, SMEs and freelancers.

Text by Benjamin Ken Yong 

At KoHub in Ko Lanta, an island off Thailand’s southern province, several digital nomads were typing on laptops at a big beach hut. With the sound of waves crashing into the beach, it would seem as if this is a typical internet café by the beach. Not quite – KoHub is the ultimate co-working space. With Fast WiFi and 24-hour comfortable working spaces indoors and outdoors, free coffee, tasty lunch onsite, a great community and regular social events, it is the dream co-working destination.

Plus, you can even live there – a 15-minute walk takes you to comfortable apartments and rooms which are also run by the KoHub management. Full ‘coworkation’ packages are available all year long – Welcome to the Office of the Future.

Another beachfront coworking site is BeachHub at Koh Phangan while Bali’s first coworking space Hubud gives entrepreneurs sweeping views over rice paddy fields as they develop their business ideas.


The co-working industry is booming, growing 71% annually from 2007 to 2015 and is projected to grow 68% annually from 2016 to 2018 globally, according to Statista. Most industry observers believe it will peak in 2018 after exponential growth in 2016 and 2017.

” Cost savings was cited as a driver, followed by leasing flexibility, collaboration and flexibility. ”  – CBRE

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