With wood becoming a trend in the building of skyscrapers, Dutch architecture firm, Team V Architecture goes the extra mile with the construction of HAUT, a timber residential high-rise that is destined to be the tallest timber tower in the Netherlands and possibly the world.

Text by Isabelle Pinto | Photography by Team V Architecture & Ineke Oostveen

The Dutch are indeed well-known for their environmental conscience which is very well-portrayed by their lifestyles – using electric cars and bicycles as their main means of transportation – as well as their constant efforts to come up with new green solutions, for instance, safe and sustainable “plastic” roads which we covered in one of our previous issues (Issue 9 : January 2016). And it is this same motivation towards promoting a more sustainable environment that drove Dutch architecture firm, Team V Architecture to come up with designs of a 73-meter (240-foot)-tall timber residential high-rise called “HAUT” that will be the tallest timber skyscraper in the Netherlands with a high possibility of also becoming the tallest of its kind in the world, depending on construction schedules.

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