Savan eCo City – A Lao gem in the making

Savan eCo City could possibly become the most sophisticated offshore financial centre in the world.

p29bFor those familiar with Iskandar Region in Johor, there is a similar comprehensive development taking shape, quietly at the moment, but with determination and vigour in the central province of Savannakhet in Laos PDR.

Savannakhet is the second largest city of the Lao PDR and the central government has selected this location to launch in 2015, Savan eCo City, (“SeCC”) which is an economic zone that encapsulates tourism, hospitality, resorts, commerce, a financial and offshore centre, and a legislative and administration centre within this zone.

Situated on the Lao side of the Mekong river, it is connected to Thailand by the Friendship Bridge which can accommodate more than 2 million vehicles each year via the East-West Corridor linking Vietnam with Myanmar. As part of China’s One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative to power the whole of the southern China and the ASEAN region into a vibrant social and economically wealthy region, the SeCC is in one the most strategic locations.


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