ski3Kazakh architect, Shokhan Mataibekov defies architectural conventions by mounting a ski slope on ski2the rooftop of an apartment block in Kazakhstan’s capital city of Astana, allowing residents to descend from the roof of their own homes to the sidewalks.

Words by Isabelle Pinto

Photography by Shokhan Mataibekov Architects

In many cities of the world today, luxury high-rise living has become quite common with luxury apartment and condominium projects continuously sprouting up. Built to pamper the elite class in our society, these high-class residential units boast various comfort and recreational facilities such as the usual swimming pools and Jacuzzis, outdoor bars by the pool, garden terraces, comprehensively-equipped gym facilities and so on. However, with a continuous demand for these residential units, architects and developers are constantly pushed to think out of the box so as to come up with that “plus-factor” which would make their project stand out from the rest.

Living up to this pursuit, a rather ambitious Kazakh architect, Shokhan Mataibekov- CEO of the Mataibekov Architects – has proposed designs for a high-rise residential building that comes with a ski slope on its rooftop. Now, isn’t that marvellous!

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