SOLO ATLANTIC – crossing a ‘pilgrimage’

Egyptian will be the first Arab to cross the Atlantic solo on a rowing boat, if he succeeds.

Whale tail in the Atlantic ocean over mountains background, wild animals safari, beautiful nature of the Hermanus city, South Africa

“Three months in the loneliness of the ocean would be a unique experience to make a pilgrimage to my inner self, and to discover what I am capable of.”

For Mohamed Elewa, an Egyptian in his early 50s, rowing across the Atlantic Ocean is his next big adventure after his cycling feats in Europe, Africa and Asia.

“It will be my most difficult adventure ever, the most dangerous, the hardest, the most daring and yet the most fun and fulfilling,” the intrepid explorer told Asian Property Review.

Mohamed has successfully bikepacked across 15 countries in Africa, Europe and Asia spanning some 16,000 kms before deciding to go solo on the Atlantic crossing.

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