PrintDubbed variously as ‘A Bestseller Expo’ and ‘An Expo Not To Be Missed’, the Swhengtee Real Estate Investment EXPO KL 2016 promises to connect developers with serious investors in the best possible location at the best possible time.

The Malaysian property market has been experiencing a barrage of challenges since 2014—the ringgit depreciation, falling oil prices, political uncertainty and the imposition of the GST (Goods and Services Tax). These have all dampened the market considerably, in addition to cooling measures initiated a few years ago which are still in place today. Another challenge that might even have bigger implications is the opening up of China and Vietnam’s market which will directly compete with the Malaysian market in the near future.

But even in these most difficult of times, opportunities abound. Where and how to get hold of such opportunities?

PrintBrace yourself for the arrival of the highly anticipated property expo next year, the Swhengtee Real Estate Investment EXPO KL 2016 on February 26. The expo aims to be the platform to showcase the best investment opportunities and help match serious investors with their ideal investment type. Organised by the Swhengtee Group in collaboration with Real Estate Malaysia magazine and Asian Property Review magazine, the three-day affair will be taking place at the Mid Valley Exhibition Centre (MVEC). Under one roof, visitors will get a chance to uncover the gems of real estate in what promises to be the biggest gathering of serious and significant investors in the country.

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 4.07.31 PMSwhengtee Group President, Dato’ Sri Gavin Tee describes the event as an investment-driven real estate expo. “We share property investment tips and guidelines, property market forecast, and high potential property developments with investors. We strive to be the BEST PROPERTY EXPO in town, ‘close to perfection’,” he quips.

Insightful forums & talks

Also taking place during the 3-day event are two high-powered forums which will bring together top management from several companies as well as local and foreign experts to share their investment insights and development trends. One of the forums will focus on the Iskandar Region and panelists will comprise experts from different industries who will share Iskandar’s current investment opportunities and future potential. An optimistic Tee comments on Iskandar: “Despite the current slowdown, Iskandar region’s future is assured. It’s just a matter of time before the upturn comes.”

He adds that the other forum involves the participation and contribution of Chinese contractors and developers – “We will be discussing their impact on Malaysia”. The forum will invite the senior management of the Chinese developers and contractors to discuss how they, together with funds sourced from China can work together to promote the Malaysian property industry. “Local players can thus benefit from networking and interacting with these Chinese participants.”

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 4.07.48 PMTee himself will be speaking at the Swhengtee 9th Annual Property Forecast Talk 2016, the much-awaited highlight of the expo. An event not to be missed, it is widely supported by local and foreign real estate investors. The annual event attracts a wide range of property investors nationwide, from first-time home buyers, corporate/professional investors to serious investors.

Since its inception, Swhengtee Group has been encouraging investors to maintain a positive outlook and perception about the property market rather than looking at short-term developments. The group has an extensive repertoire of foreign collaborations, such as with China, Japan, and Taiwan, which has brought Malaysia some excellent real estate investment opportunities in recent years.

“The exhibitors and investors are not only benefiting from the 3-day event; we will publish a Swhengtee Property Investment Special Edition 2016 guide to provide a platform for participating developers to engage with the investors 365 days as it is a yearly guidebook,” explains Tee, adding: “Throughout the whole year, we organize a lot of seminars and events; this guidebook will be distributed not just locally but at all our overseas events.”

Tee maintains that the Special Edition booklet is an important guide for investors to walk them through an uncertain 2016. In preparation for the expo, 100,000 copies of the Special Edition 2016 will be distributed pre-and post-expo, with 30,000 allocated at the expo.

To ensure the market is well-informed, the Special Edition will also be distributed along with the latest issue to all subscribers of Real Estate Malaysia magazine and Asian Property Review magazine, as well as via newsstands. They will also be pre-delivered to all property developers, agents and investors.

“We will embark on heavy promotion of the guidebook; it will be made available online via our websites and promoted through social media including Facebook and even Apps like Wechat. The estimated global reach is up to 1 million readers,” says Tee. “All these will be delivered free to the market to ensure maximum exposure; hence all our expo exhibitors are invited to participate in this publication.”

‘A bestseller expo like no other’

Most importantly, Tee will get his own members and followers, comprising many serious investors to attend. “My aim is to provide a platform for developers and investors to buy and sell, not just during the 3 days but for the entire year,” he points out, and adds: “We will take care of you for the whole year with a lot of follow-up benefits.”

Tee believes that Swhengtee Real Estate Investment Expo KL 2016 will undoubtedly turn out to be the best property expo ever. “It’s a bestseller from the get-go. Firstly, the expo will be held at the Mid Valley Exhibition Centre (MVEC), a widely recognised and popular exhibition location. Secondly, the end of February is the perfect timing since March will be the peak period for the local housing market—an opportunity which neither investors nor developers would want to miss. Lastly, the collaboration with the two property magazines with a large readership, Real Estate Malaysia magazine and Asian Property Review magazine will help promote the expo and create awareness of the event in both local and overseas property markets.”

So far, responses from various parties have been very encouraging prompting Tee to vow that the Swhengtee Group would do whatever it takes to make Swhengtee Real Estate Investment Expo KL 2016 the most successful property expo ever.

“Swhengtee investment club members, the subscribers of the two magazines and my followers will all be introduced at the free event. Can you afford to miss this golden opportunity?” quips Tee.

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