Lesys Tenancy mobile app is believed to be the first app that can generate terms and conditions of a tenancy agreement and even answer queries on tenancy matters while LeSys Property app will provide a total solution for conveyancing.

Gone are the days when it takes a few days to get your Tenancy Agreement prepared and stamped. With the newly launched Lesys Tenancy App, you can get it ready even within a few hours!

“This is the first Tenancy Robot in Malaysia helping the property industry generate the terms and conditions in a Tenancy Agreement. Lesys is even able to answer questions on tenancy matters within minutes!” says Vincent Heng, Director of LePro System Berhad, the developer of the app.

LeSys Tenancy app is a mobile app that can assist real estate agents, landlords and tenants to prepare tenancy agreements. Features include E-sign, E-stamp, and the newly-launched “Nancy”, an assistive Artificial Intelligent robot which can assist in coming up with clauses for the tenancy agreement as well as answering queries on tenancy matters.

“Nancy will be available in two languages to accommodate the Malaysian and ASEAN market needs in the future,” says Heng.

The rollout is expected to be end of this year or early next year but will be limited initially to real estate agents and related professions, he adds.

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