The ‘Art of Survival’

Haikou Meishe River

“Art of Survival”

Bringing ecological balance or ‘peasantry wisdom’ back into the city is what will save the cities from natural disasters, asserts eminent landscape architect, Prof Yu.

Text by Jan Yong , Photos courtesy of Turenscape

Back in 2011, Prof Kongjian Yu, professor and the founding dean of the College of Architecture and Landscape at Peking University, has already articulated the return of cities to its natural surrounding or at least to a productive space where ornamental objects are replaced with edible plants and animals. It might seem counterintuitive to return to a bygone era but that’s how we could heal mother Earth in accordance with peasantry (subsistence farming) wisdom, reckons Yu.

A bold visionary who’s not afraid of going against convention, the professor who has a doctorate in Design from Harvard University, draws on ancient wisdom of the peasants as the basis for repairing our damaged land. It might seem a deceptively simple solution but the fact is the current conventional wisdom is so deeply rooted to the idea of more and more built megastructures as a sign of progress that it has somehow lost sight of the `wood’.

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