‘The fine art of modelling’

Former beauty queen Betty Anne Brohier still ‘reigns’ but this time at a fashion academy, imparting her skills to young talents keen to make it big.

Former beauty queen, BettyAnne Brohier is no stranger to launches, but this latest launch is for something groundbreaking. Think supermodels from Malaysia – that’s the ultimate aim. And Betty will be one of those making it happen. As Head of FashionTV Academy Malaysia, partnered with FashionTV Paris, France, and doubling up as a trainer, the former model has all the right qualifications to impart her considerable skills in the fine art of modelling to young talents keen to make it big.

Thanks to the collaboration between Sheng Tai International and FashionTV Paris, France, international exposure is now within grasp of any aspiring Malaysian model and fashion designer following the recent launch of FashionTV Academy Malaysia, partnered with FashionTV Paris, France. The first such academy in Southeast Asia, it will be located at the 5-star Ames Hotel in Melaka.

Top graduates of the FashionTV Academy Malaysia will be handpicked to go to Paris where all their expenses will be fully paid. This will help motivate more talents to choose this path whether on a full or part-time basis.

“We have some very good models but they are not given much opportunity so far. So now is a golden opportunity to get international exposure and perhaps even become a supermodel!” Betty enthuses. She adds that it’s about time Malaysia nurtures super models, so that much sought-after fashion houses like Armani and Versace would hire them.

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