Asian Property Review finds out from Raymond Hoe and Will Ringer, Scott Brownrigg’s Director and architect respectively, the latest on warehousing and Smart Shed, a mixed-use industrial building.

How do you see the future of warehousing?

Firstly, warehousing ranges between logistics through to manufacturing and mission critical facilities.

To begin with, we may see an increase in buildings and infrastructure that are not designed for or inhabited by people. This new urban mix of performance envelopes surrounding digital, productive and energy-generation processes will not just be located on the periphery, but also downtown. As younger citizens migrate back to live in the city centre, they will increasingly find themselves co- existing with machines. At the metropolitan scale, the optimal localization of mixed-use distribution facilities within the first and third ring of cities will be essential to enable the “green” transition of cities and the uptake of electric vehicles for deliveries.

What is the best logistic design to cater for Industrial 4.0 especially in the context of limited urban space?

Traditional concepts of urban design and placemaking may give way to a different re-programming of space, where non-cultural entities shape and inform the design of space. Scott Brownrigg’s Advanced Technologies team is working with other centres of excellence on this upcoming reality.

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