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There is a lot of speculation about which President-elect Trump’s campaign promises will be enforced when he takes office. Take for example, the withdrawal of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement. Whilst a withdrawal will affect the level of US investment in Asian markets, there is still heavy reliance on Chinese capital in markets such as Malaysia, Vietnam and Sri Lanka, so these countries may stay resilient to any restrictions or trade tariffs imposed by the US.

In any case, Trump has also stated that he will still endeavour to agree on bilateral trade deals with nations, as he views one-on-one deals being more beneficial to both parties. So, there is a possibility that key elements of the TPP will not be acted upon with selected nations.

Another example is Trump’s promise to increase domestic spending, and debt, which as a result, will lower the value of the US Dollar and impact investments in the Asian property markets that are hedged to the currency.

Nevertheless, regardless of Trump’s policies, I believe the countries below present great upside potential for investors in 2017. They are (in no particular order):


With a combination of a weakening economy, declining demand and excess supply of real estate, especially in the residential and office markets, Singapore stands out as a country with huge potential for those who have been looking for an entry point into a market with a very stable government and transparent means of doing business. Taking on investment or development opportunities in Singapore should be viewed with a mid to longer term view.

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