Truly Boutique @ Sireeampan Chiang Mai


Boasting a unique Siamese heritage-meets-modern luxury ambience, Sireeampan Chiang Mai indeed ticks all the right boxes as a truly boutique abode.

Text by Isabelle Pinto | Photography by Sireeampan Chiang Mai

There are actually quite a number of criteria which a hotel or resort needs to conform to in order to establish itself as a boutique variety. First and foremost, you need to consider the size of the hotel – a boutique accommodation is usually small and intimate in size so as to give it an air of exclusivity. Boutique hotels are also meant to be one-of-a-kind, offering a unique look and ambience.

Skimming through these criteria for a hotel to pass as a boutique establishment, I realised that the Sireeampan Boutique Resort & Spa in Chiang Mai, Thailand, definitely fits the bill. Tucked away in a secluded Thai manor, the entire property is a rather small one featuring only 11 accommodation units – all suites, giving it a luxurious and personal feel.

The resort also exudes a unique ambience blending the old charms of Siamese heritage with modern luxury. When I first arrived at the resort, I was instantly enthralled by its intricate architecture featuring traditional Thai buildings, and surrounding them were beautiful lush gardens. Set in the middle of the property was a homely courtyard, fish pond and lap pool which further beautified the space.

Location-wise, the resort is a few minutes’ drive from the city centre- guests who wish to venture into downtown Chiang Mai need not worry as a complimentary shuttle service is provided to the city. The resort is also conveniently located only 15 minutes away from Chiang Mai International Airport and within walking distance to Chiang Mai International Convention and Exhibition Centre.


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