Tan Hwa Chuan

There is more demand than supply of housing in Kuala Lumpur based on projected estimates obtained from government statistics, says Tan Hwa Chuan, Merger & Acquisition specialist for land investment and development.

For foreigners interested to invest in property in Malaysia, this is good news. It means the potential for good rental yield and capital appreciation is high.

In Malaysia, foreigners should focus on Kuala Lumpur for the best return on investment, Tan advises. Why? This is because of the population growth, high tourist arrivals, more educational institutions being built, many big contracts with China taking place, good transportation links as well as its status as a regional shopping, transportation and potentially, financial hub. This will generate demand for rentals; for those looking to rent out via AirBnb, the future looks promising as demand is increasing for such accommodation.

“Assuming a foreign buyer wants to rent out via AirBnb, he should focus more on residential high rises with commercial titles such as serviced apartments. These have no restrictions on AirBnb short-term rentals compared to residential titles,” the renowned speaker adds.

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