Women – The Secret ‘Sauce’ of Success

“Men can grow a business bugger, but Women make the business better” — Jack Ma.

Hiring as many women as possible is Alibaba’s “secret sauce” for success, Jack Ma was quoted to have said, “because women care for other people more than men do. Women are going to be very powerful in the 21st century – because last century, people compared muscle; this century, people compare wisdom,” the richest man in Asia said recently during a conference.

Ma also revealed that if he were to be reborn, he would like to be a woman because “women are more compassionate and have more wisdom. Men can grow a business bigger, but women make the business better.”

The co-founder of AliBaba Group went on to say that when robots, AI and big data take over, what is prized more is wisdom and compassion and not rational thinking because robots and AI will be more rational than any human being. What the machines lack are human compassion and empathy, and wisdom, which women possess in abundance.

These are undoubtedly very strong statements of affirmation of the role of women in the workplace by the recently crowned richest man in Asia. Companies should take note and start hiring women!

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